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I-Space Applications

I-Space Institute works with academic, corporate and public sector partners to push the envelope in the strategic management of knowledge. The I-Space is currently giving rise to the creation of a number of intervention tools – for mapping critical knowledge assets, cultural and institutional structures, learning paths, and for simulating strategic knowledge management processes, in particular knowledge flows and knowledge-based agent interactions. As a conceptual framework it has been put to a number of different uses by a variety of organizations. For example:

  1. Executives from Alstom, the French engineering company that designed and manufactured the French high-speed train – the TGV - used the I-Space to map the critical technologies of the high-speed train and their interdependencies in order to identify which ones could be released to a strategic client in the context of a technology transfer project and which ones the company should hold on to.
  2. BP used the I-Space to explore some of the cultural and institutional issues that confronted it when dealing with host governments and local suppliers in developing its oil assets in the Caspian Sea. It discovered that certain critical interfaces between its corporate culture and that of its local stakeholders would need special care if it was to maintain the integrity of its operations in the region.
  3. Siemens has developed a strong reputation in the area of knowledge management. It has used the I-Space as the conceptual framework that underpins its knowledge management systems and processes
  4. The Defence Science and Technology Laboratories, the research arm of the UK’s Ministry of Defence, has used the I-Space as a framework for training a network of knowledge and information officers throughout its laboratories.
  5. Deutsche Post used the I-Space to explore the challenges posed to the organization’s German and Swiss corporate culture and practices by the acquisition of a US company, DHL.
::: What We Do :::
I-Space Institute promotes the concept of strategic management of knowledge. It does this through three distinct activities: research, development, consulting.
The entities I-Space Institute works with range from universities and research institutions to international corporations and their senior management. Among our clients we do contract work for are a number of large defense contractors, oil companies, and the US government. They all look for relevant management tools that enable them to deal with knowledge assets strategically.